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  • Sarah Beattie Big Church Day out North BCDO 2018

    Had a great time playing at Big Church Day Out North again. The sun was shining on the Arkyard sessions stage and it was good to see so many people there.

    Thanks to all the people who supported me and bought CDs.

    If you missed getting a CD you can download Home from iTunes or order a CD here.

  • Sarah Beattie Phillipa Hanna Message Manchester

    I really enjoyed supporting Phillipa Hanna for the TNL event at the Message Trust.

    It was a great evening and I'm looking forward to the next one!

    Thanks to everyone who came out to support me and bought a CD!

  • Sarah Beattie Big Church Day out North BCDO

    Great News I've been asked to play at Big Church Day Out North again. Really looking forward to it as I had a great time last year.

    Hopefully the weather will be fine and we will all have another great year.

    I’m playing on Friday 1st June so grab your tickets now to join the fun.

  • Sarah Beattie BBC Radio Manchester Mike Shaft

    Had a great time on Sunday chatting to Mike Shaft, on BBC Radio Manchester, about the new album and playing "Lead Me Home" live. Also got a chance to talk about my faith and the message behind my songs which was exciting!

    Even managed an extra shoutout to Grace Rudge for the beautiful artwork and Dan Stirling for the superb recording, producing (etc etc, the list goes on)!

  • Sarah Beattie CD Album Home New release

    With the launch of the new album Home Sarah has put three lyric videos on YouTube for you to enjoy.

    The Lyric videos each have their own style, see which one you prefer. Click on the links below to watch them.

    "One More Day"


    "Where Can You Run To"

  • Sarah Beattie CD Album Home New release

    After many months of recording we have reached the final stages and the CDs have journey across Europe and have now arrived.

    The good news is that the new album Home is available to order RIGHT NOW. What are you waiting for?!

  • Sarah Beattie Big Church Day Out BCDO North

    We had such a great time playing at the The Big Church Day Out North on Saturday - thanks so much to everyone who came and supported and bought CDs!

    We played 2 sets of 30 mins and played a mixture of tracks from Freefall and the new album which is currently being recorded. We also managed to sell 10 CDs and the money from that will go towards the costs of the new album so thank you so much for your support!

    Hope you all enjoyed it and are excited for the new album

  • Sarah Beattie Manchester Wedding 2016

    On Saturday 10th December Sarah played at Lucy and Michael's wedding in the afternoon during the reception. She played a mixture of covers and originals accompanied by Jason on percussion. The music was very well reviewed by the bridal party and the wedding guests and it was a joy to help the happy couple celebrate their big day.

  • Sarah Beattie RNCM Carols 2016

    In the evening, Sarah played to a packed concert hall of about 600 people as part of the joint Manchester CU carol service. She sang a rendition of 'In the Bleak Midwinter', backed by the RNCM concert orchestra and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. To hear a snippet of the performance, click here

    The following day, on the Sunday, Sarah took part in the St Clement's carol service which was a lovely way to round off her Christmas singing season!

  • Sarah Beattie Preston White Ribbon Fest

    On the 25th November, Sarah was really excited to have been invited to play at the White Ribbon Festival.

    The event was to raise awareness and funds for Men Against Violence, particularly relating to domestic abuse involving women and trafficking. Sarah was part of a strong line-up, including a former Britain's Got Talent semi-finalist, and was able to showcase some of her original music alongside some of her well-known covers.

    She sold 10 CDs during the night and donated half of the proceeds to the White Ribbon charity to help fund their future work.

  • Sarah Beattie Wedding Singer

    On the 14th November Sarah was asked by her friends Andy and Libby to play at their wedding. She played 3 original songs during the signing of the register and also sang a cover of "All Of Me" during the first dance at the reception.

    It was a lovely day to be a part of and Sarah wishes all the best to Andy and Libby in their future together!

  • Sarah Beattie Chorley Live 2016

    On 7th October, Sarah performed again in Chorley at one of the fantastic live events that are run throughout the year. She was joined by Jason on percussion as she played a mixture of covers and originals at The White Hart. If you want to get a bit of an idea what the events are like, follow the link to a live recording here

    Thanks to all those who came down to support Sarah.

  • Sarah Beattie Penwortham Gala 2016

    The annual Penwortham Gala took place again this year in Hurst Grange Park on Saturday 11th June. Although it rained during the day, lots of people still came out to hear the live music in the evening.

    Sarah played an eclectic mix of covers and originals which were very well received by the crowd.

  • Sarah Beattie BBC Radio Manchester 2016

    So I had another interview at the BBC yesterday about the story behind one of my songs from the album - you'll have to wait to find out which one!

    It was aired in July and well received. Thanks to all those who listened and enjoyed it.

  • Sarah Beattie BBC Radio Manchester 2016

    On Sunday 31st January, Sarah returned to BBC Radio Manchester for the third time, this time on the morning show with Mike Shaft. She was interviewed about why and when she started writing and Sarah shared a bit of the background to the start of her music career. Another major feature of the interview was a discussion about her faith, as Sarah openly shared how important being a Christian was to her and how this affected her songwriting.

    She then talked about the meaning behind Falling (one of the tracks off her latest album, Freefall) and played an acoustic version of it live in the studio. To order an album click here.

  • Sarah Beattie Chorley Live

    Over the weekend (2nd and 3rd of October) Sarah played 4 sets over the two nights for Chorley Live 2015 in a range of venues including Gjuro's cafe, the Havana Brasserie, the Kitchen Theatre and even Charlie's Chips! She played a mixture of covers and originals, receiving great feedback and selling several CDs over the two nights.

    Thanks to everyone who came down to support Sarah, and especially to everyone who bought CDs! Keep an eye out for more events coming up and don't forget to keep checking SoundCloud as new tracks are being added soon.

  • Sarah Beattie BBC Radio Manchester Live

    Sarah returned to BBC Radio Manchester on Friday 20th March to Liam Bradford’s late show (10pm-1am). She played another couple of songs, one from the new album and an acoustic cover of Whitney Houston’s ‘How Will I Know’.

    She also talked album, gigs and influences with Jason Hardy who was sitting in for Liam Bradford on the show.

    Sarah mentioned Leyland Live which she is playing a couple of sets at on the Friday night (27th March), encouraging people to get along and see her there, and she also briefly talked about the meaning behind “Falling” (track 2 off the album Freefall).

    If you are interested in ordering an album click here.

  • Sarah Beattie BBC Radio Manchester Interview

    On Friday 6th February Sarah had her debut performance on BBC Radio Manchester! She played a couple of songs and chatted about the album with Liam Bradford for about half an hour on the late show (10pm-1am).

    After answering vital questions such as ‘which animal would you be for a day?’, Sarah talked about her musical influences and how she started songwriting. She also sang ‘Those Beautiful Eyes’ from the new album and belted out a cover of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’, accompanied by Tom Hobbs on the cajon.

    If you’re interested in ordering an album click here.

  • Sarah Beattie Freefall Album launch

    The album is launched - we have lift off! Thank you to everyone who came on Friday 5th September to support Sarah and the band as they launched the new album, titled Freefall, with an hour long concert. They played a mixture of album songs, EP songs and new songs, all written and arranged by Sarah, after which the album was available for the first time!

    Sarah also used the event as an opportunity to support the work of CAP (Christians Against Poverty) and raised over £70 through donations and drinks sales.

    Freefall is available to order online now.

    Happy listening everyone!

  • Sarah Beattie Grand Recording Clithero

    Sarah was back in the studio at The Grand on Monday 23rd June to record the vocals and backing vocals for the upcoming album. Once again, it was a long day of recording but everything ran smoothly and it's now time for the mixing and post production to begin!

    The album artwork selection process is also getting underway and the aim is to release the album early autumn so it won't be too long now before it's available to pre order!

  • Sarah Beattie Grand Recording Clithero

    The recording process for the album has now begun! Sarah and the band were in The Grand studio from the evening of Friday 6th June right through to the evening of Sunday 8th June. They managed to get through all ten tracks on the Saturday, putting in long hours so that they were able to lay down some acoustic and electric guitar tracks on the Sunday, as well as adding a couple of novelty sounds like ukelele and tambourine!

    Sarah is due to go back into the studio in a couple of weeks to lay down the vocal tracks so everything seems to be moving along smoothly now - hopefully it won't be too long before the finished product is available to order!

  • Sarah Beattie BBC Radio Lancashire

    On Monday 2nd June 2014 Sarah was interviewed live on BBC Radio Lancashire by Paul O'Gorman about the song she was commissioned to write for the World War 1 project in South Ribble.

    The project is focussing on the affect of World War 1 on South Ribble and the surrounding areas and will feature a variety of multimedia and music written and collated by local talent.

    The song is called 'Come Home Safe' and is now available for download on SoundCloud. It is also being performed live at St Andrew's Church on the evening of Friday 13th June when the WW1 project is launched.

  • Sarah Penwortham Live 2014

    Archive News

    On Friday and Saturday 28th and 29th March 2014 Sarah took part in Penwortham Live 2014.

    Over the weekend she played in the United Reformed Church hall, Salvatore's, Slice of Sicily and St Leonard's Church.

    Below is a link to a snippet of one of her original songs that she performed in the URC hall, which was captured by one of the Penwortham Live events team.

    Come Home Safe - URC hall

  • Sarah Penwortham Live 2014

    She performed to packed out venues with a mixture of covers and original songs, all of which were very well recieved in every venue.

    There was a great sense of community around Penwortham over the weekend and everyone has been very positive about the live music and other entertainment that was on offer right across Penwortham.

    As always, Sarah loved being a part of Penwortham Live and is looking forward to the next event!

  • Sarah Penwortham Live 2014

    On Friday 28th February 2014 Sarah performed at an Open Mic Night at St Teresa's in Penwortham.

    There were a number of other acts performing as a preview to the up and coming Penwortham Live 2014 where a number of these acts will also be performing.

    Sarah is looking forward to performing at Penwortham Live 2014 as she has performed at all the Live events (Leyland, Chorley and Penwortham) since the first one in Leyland 2012.

    Keep an eye on the website for the times and venues that Sarah will be playing at - hope to see you there!

  • On Thursday 23rd January Sarah was on Britpop Bands and Buskers from 7 - 8pm on 103.2 Preston fm. This 1 hour special featured new material and exclusive interviews from Sarah with discussions about the meaning behind her songs and information about her upcoming album.

  • Sarah Beattie Rehearsal

    Sarah has started rehearsals for the long awaited album with new songs and more musicians! You can get a sneak preview of Falling and Those Beautiful Eyes which will be featured on the album by following this link to SoundCloud.

    It shouldn’t be long now before the album will be released so keep checking the website for updates on Sarah's progress so you don’t miss a thing!

  • Sarah Beattie on Preston FM Radio

    Thanks to all Sarah's supporters who tuned in to Britpop Bands and Buskers with Tom Rich on Preston fm on Thursday 31st October!

    Tom played two of Sarah's original songs called 'Falling' and 'Those Beautiful Eyes'. These can both be found on Sarah's soundcloud account and have been very well received in a number of places.

    Sarah's music will feature on the show again during the usual hours of 7-8pm and there is a possibilty of Sarah being a guest on the show in the future so watch this space!

  • Sarah Beattie Chorley Live 2013 Parmesan and Pepper Chorley

    The most recent local festival was Chorley Live which was, again, completely different to the others Sarah’s been involved with!

    On the Friday night she played a 45 minute set in both Deja Vu Cafe and Woodchats Cafe which was of particular interest to a couple of local radio stations who got in touch with her immediately afterwards.

    On the Saturday night she played in Last Orders and Parmesan and Pepper which was a complete contrast to the night before. Both nights were a huge success and she is looking forward to being involved with the next Live event.


  • Sarah Beattie acoustic guitar Beijing restaurant Leyland Live 2013

    Sarah was involved with Leyland Live '13, playing in two Italian restaurants with Joe as Jazzy Notes on the Friday night.

    She then went solo for the Saturday night of Leyland Live '13, playing a mixture of covers and original acoustic songs in two more venues.

    The 45 minute set was well received, sparking interest from the venue owners as well as the audience, with positive comments specifically regarding the original material.

    More to come!

  • Jazzy Notes Penwortham Live Festival

    Sarah and Joe (Jazzy Notes) have been playing again at Penwortham Live '13.

    They played at 4 venues over the Friday and Saturday nights to very positive reviews.

    Pictured here performing at Slice of Sicily on the Friday evening where a pleasant evening of live music was on the menu!

  • Jazzy Notes Leyland Christmas

    Leyland Christmas '12 saw another opportunity to bring a classy ambience to Isolabella's (right), while people enjoyed an evening out with live music!

    Joe's skill with improvisation on the piano alongside Sarah's rich & strong vocals was very popular.

    An act not to be missed for those who enjoy jazz!

  • Jazzy Notes French Bistro Leyland Festival

    Sarah is part of a duo 'Jazzy Notes' which has performed at several venues over 2 nights during the Leyland Festival '12.

    This is the first year that 'Leyland Live' has happened on this scale. Both evenings were very well received, with people obviously enjoying a good night out with live music.

    EP launch

    Sarah launched her new EP last year with a live acoustic concert. The concert was an opportunity for people to hear Sarah in a local venue.

  • Recording at the Grand

    Sarah Recording Studio The Grand Clithero

    The Grand in Clitheroe has a fantastic recording studio with state of the art equipment. The friendly sound engineers have a wide variety of expertise regarding all things musical and technical and the artist is helped to feel relaxed and comfortable in the recording environment, giving a high quality finished product.

    The Grand is also a popular venue for live gigs and concerts. For more info visit